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Invisalign Boston provides quality dental care to the community of Boston and surrounding areas.  We offer a complete range of orthodontic treatments that benefit both adults and children.  We incorporate the most advanced dental technologies and techniques to help you attain a fantastic and healthy smile.

We look forward to helping you achieve the smile you want with the most precise and comprehensive procedures.  Our orthodontic expertise is supplemented by the experience and credentials of Dr. Chau Hoang. He is a dedicated doctor who enjoys his profession and is the reason our team is unique in the field.  

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Our foremost priority is to help you achieve fantastic results in the most convenient and efficient manner.  Our orthodontic procedures are applied with complete attention dedicated to your comfort and personal wellbeing.  We work with the most advanced tools to create the results you expect.

Invisalign produces straightened smiles that deliver on beauty and clinical health.  They are comfortable solutions that resolve misaligned teeth in as effective a manner as traditional braces.  The aligners can be customized to fit with your daily life and does not come with the irritations caused by metal wires.

If you are seeking a proficient and experienced dentist in Boston, we will be happy to serve your needs.  Call (617) 564-4400 today to schedule your consultation!

"I was able to make an appointment quickly and easily (submitted a request on their site Sunday night, was in the chair Monday afternoon)."

− Greg S. (Source Yelp)

"The staff is really friendly, and they have a super cute (hypoallergenic) dog that wanders around the office."

− Molly B. (Source Yelp)

"Friendly dentist who did not force me to get work done. He was honest and genuinely cared about my dental care. "

− Daniel L. (Source Yelp)

"Definitely recommend! Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. Even the music was great! "

− Raven G. (Source Yelp)