The iTero iOC scanner is here to change the way you receive your Invisalign aligners.  Dr. Basel Badawi of Invisalign Boston works with non-invasive impression design techniques to add more efficiency to your experience.

Traditional impressions introduced annoyances such as goop and gagging – with digital impressions, that does not have to be the case.  Invisalign Boston incorporates iTero scanning technology to create digital impressions of your teeth.  This process does not result in X-ray radiation.  Both adult patients and children can enjoy the comfortable benefits of digital impressions.

The iOC scanner provides numerous benefits, including:

Accuracy – the tool produces the most accurate dental records thanks to the elimination of errors caused by patient movement, disinfection, and removal.

Efficiency – The impressions are sent by e-mail to the lab.  The trays are then produced and sent back to the office faster.

Cleaner Teeth – The scanner creates a digital impression without using any traditional materials such as clay, which prevents any teeth cleaning from being necessary.

Real-Time Rendering – The impressions are rendered on the computer screen immediately.  This allows you to preview the results at the end of the treatment.

Comfort – There is nothing inserted to your mouth except for a small digital scanner.  This does not affect our breathing or swallowing functions.

Trays and putty impression are invasive and discomforting.  The iOC scanner eliminates those annoyances and helps you experience a treatment with more convenience and less anxiety.  The digital impression system also helps you complete your treatments in a shorter amount of time.  If you are looking to straighten your teeth the clear and digital way, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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